Posted by: Sarah | January 31, 2011

Review of A Blood Moon by Bittentwice

A Blood Moon is book #1 in the Macedo Ink series.  Warning, some spoilers ahead.

A Blood Moon by Bittentwice

I really liked many things about this book.  I liked having a different vision of vampires and demons – although I am a bit unclear about some things.  The lines between vampires, demons, and weres (since we have werelions and werewolves, I will just say weres) seem to be blurred.  Are vampires and weres types of demons?  There was much more focus on vampires originally, which expanded to include demons (which also drink blood).  Weres are barely touched upon in this book, apart from one of the characters’  parentage and her own abilities – we never meet any other weres mentioned as far as I can remember.  I liked that the side characters are given important roles in the story and aren’t treated by the main character as if they cannot think or do anything for themselves.

I liked the romance storylines of the side characters much more than the main three though.  I don’t like one of the main characters at all, and the romantic relationship storyline there is complicated – the main characters Alex/Xander/Alexander/Alejandro, Jack/Jacqui, and Lina/Catalina are all entangled in a love triangle.  Alex tells Jack he loves her, and then sleeps with Lina.  Jack doesn’t want to share, and Lina is seemingly ok with it even if she doesn’t like the other woman (mainly because the other woman doesn’t like her).  Since both women aren’t ok with sharing their man, I have issues with this type of relationship, because I consider it cheating.  I also don’t like that Jack was messing around with another man (Ed) and then later seems to think she’s choosing a third man (Miguel/Michael) over Alex even though they’ve not had any encounters where romantic interest was even implied.  For Jack to consider Miguel a love interest was just out of nowhere and it felt like she was messing with Ed just to mess with a guy besides Alex.  I liked Sam/Samantha and Max’s scenes much better because these two are sweet and caring without juggling extra lovers behind the other lovers’ backs.  These scenes were funny and showed how their lives could intersect and intertwine.  Their relationship did escalate pretty quickly, considering Max was such a shy guy, but I still really liked this storyline.

Another side character I liked was Jesus (uses the Spanish pronunciation) the hell hound.  I thought he was delightfully creepy, yet still cute.  That is all I want to spoil about this character.

The mystery/action elements of the book are mainly well done.   Although some of the magical powers involved in the action scenes, such as psychic blood drinking, sound overpowered. As does the ability to read a creature’s mind while killing it, which is employed by multiple characters in different ways.  There are a lot of gory scenes, which I enjoyed reading.  I also enjoyed the world building involved in the politics and environments of heaven and hell.  We see more of hell in this book, so I hope this aspect of world building is expanded in future books and/or stories.  I liked the political maneuvers and fights between different vampires and demons and there are conflicts that built up throughout the novel.  There is also a major development with Jack that actually completely took me by surprise, which doesn’t happen very often at all.  Major thumbs up for this storyline, even if I don’t like Jack.  I think if I went into too much detail about it, it would completely ruin it.

The major issue I had with this book was the romantic entanglements between the main characters – there were times some scenes seemed out of character as compared to earlier scenes.  I think I read some news about the next novel set in this world and that it focuses on some were characters, but I can’t find the information now.  If there is a novel set in this world that focuses on were characters and were politics/world building, then that will cover the other issue I had.

I’ve never read an eBook before, so I don’t know the general quality level of spelling, grammar, and punctuation correctness, but I really hope future books are more polished than this one.  I liked the story and most of the characters, but the number of errors and left out words bothers me.  I don’t care if the book is written for a child, a young adult, or an adult audience, I want correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as correct language.  I have seen issues with these aspects of writing in many physically published works as well, so I know it’s not an eBook exclusive problem.  I believe this book is self published, so maybe the author didn’t have an editor to help out, although sometimes even with a team of editors a work can be published with many errors.  That’s all I’m going to say, since I already ranted about this issue in a previous post.

The Author

I would recommend this book to fans of the genre, especially if you like gory scenes.  You can find more information about Bittentwice (which I have also seen written as Bitten2ice) and A Blood Moon, as well as her upcoming novel, Marked, on her website:  Bittentwice’s World as well as the following links :  Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Good Reads.



  1. Good Morning and thanks for such a great and thorough review.

  2. Thank you Sarah for the first review of the book. Bitten Twice will be stopping in throughout the day for you to answer any questions.

    Thank you for the interview.

    • Thank you so much Bertena for orchestrating the tour. Day1 has been fabulous!

  3. Thank you for writing the book and thank you both for visiting 🙂

    I really liked the character of Lina, she’s very well developed and intriguing. I hope your next book (or books, or short stories, whatever you choose to write set in this world) include some more about her.

    • Thank you for having me here Sarah,

      I’m very glad you liked Lina. She is an excellent character to write about. We have a lot of fun as she prances about the pages. I foresee a long history with the Macedo Ink series for Lina. In the next book “As Blood Rages” a little more history is unraveled about her.

  4. A very thorough review indeed. It sounds as if this book has more than just the usual I-can’t-resist-him-I-don’t-want-him single repetative storyline! I hope to get a chance to check this one out soon!

    • It is. There are times when Jack is extremely important – important in ways that have very little or nothing to do with the Alexander and his world, and which may ultimately make her even more crucial to the storyline than he is. Strong and independent women characters are things I always love to see in the books I read. I’ve read a lot of Urban Fantasy series that have powerful lead women characters, which is probably part of why I like the genre so much! I grew up reading more traditional high fantasy and some science fiction, and there wasn’t as much diversity there at the time. I will be widening my scope of reading genres again soon.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      • I believe in having strong leading ladies as well as leading men. I don’t like to see my characters wholly dependent on each other. Interdependence is good and if they are all sharing the top billings then they should have some sort of life outside of each other.

        Thanks B

    • Hi Audrey,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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